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Good evening Citizens.

[The feed opened with the head of the Kuran family savoring a drink in his Night Club. It is evident that the place seem to be less lively than it used to be.]

Recently, there have been noticeable absences of employees. Not that I'm incapable of running the facilities myself, but I would much rather pay others a reasonable wage for their service.
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[Yup, it's Mituna on the screen once again. But this time... something is different.

He's not screaming, or freaking out. Rather, he looks... sad.

Hello? Anyone out there? I can't find Kurloz or Porrim and...

I'm sorry if I did something.

Doll: text

Oct. 5th, 2013 01:09 pm
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((....with hovertext, because this is Doll typing, and... well, that's reason enough.))

evry1 stay owt of the fog place. its v v ez to get lost if you dont hav trayesto n som shados r v v v meen :(

my othir friends arnt heer to help n idk trayesto eethir, sory

so dont go in, ok? plz?
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[A robotic-looking woman with long, red, braided hair is on the camera. To those that know the area well, the background behind her can be recognized as an apartment with Crystalden's unique flair. The woman tilts her head briefly, then corrects her alignment and starts talking.]

Tch. I guess this thing is working. Anyway, I'm new here. Just got shoved into this Crystalden place by the King and Queen or whoever. The thing is, I really need to get home. We have alien invaders that could strike at any moment. I need to be with the other Justice Riders to help fight them. So... does anyone know anything about getting home?


Seems you guys are having some troubles of your own. I guess I could help while I'm here. What's this about a new district and monsters? If you want some protection, I could come with you. I'm a combat android, you know. I was built to fight things. So if anything comes up while you're exploring, I could help you out. Just fill me in on what's going on here first, okay? Oh, and I should mention my name. MiRa, serial number 131184. Nice to meet you guys, I guess.

[With that, MiRa turns off the feed.]
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[The feed opened with the chalkboard on the ground and a slender girl's face planted firmly on the ground a few meters away. It seemed like she tripped over a small rock.

Quickly, the girl jumped up with super human speed, landing on her tall leather boots. She took one look at the stone, and then kicked it as far away as she could. A short scream followed a hundred meters away.]

[She was wearing a long lavender coat which covered her top, and tailored shorts. Moriko swiftly made her way to the chalkboard which she dropped and gazed at it with her chocolate brown eyes, framed by her ice-white hair.]

DAMN IT! Are you working?

[She hurriedly placed the chalkboard inside her coat's pocket. While doing so, a short glimpse of her crescent-shaped weapon can be seen. She started walking into an unknown direction.]

Kimiko-neesan! Yuuki-mama! Zero-PAPA! Where are you?!
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[Balfour's about halfway to the new district when it hits him that he probably should put up a post, at least to let Reid and Amery know where he was going, considering he'd pretty much snuck out of the house.

The feed flickers on to show Balfour stopped on the corner of one of the streets in Orlea, listening carefully before just backing away to lean against a building.]

Hi, everyone! I know you guys haven't heard from me in a while, so I'm checking in to let you know I'm fine. Reid sort of brought up the fact that I seemed to have been avoiding people. I just hadn't been feeling well, and was avoiding pretty much anyone who wasn't my brother. Anyway, I'm still kicking and all, so no worries!

Anyway, I'm sure everyone has heard about that district that just showed back up, right? Well, I'm headed that way to check it out; surely it can't be all as bad as they say it is!

[He keeps saying this, keeps trying to convince himself of that. It surely couldn't be a living hell! Only, it was very possible that it was, and though he didn't want to believe the people who had gone in before him, he couldn't help but worry.]

Does anyone want to join me?

[Because he's not going to be able to see a damn thing, fog or no fog, and there was no way of telling whether it was dangerous or not, at least not in the way he was used to.]
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8:29 A.M.
[As morning comes to Mallow Hallow, Tronctor's face appears across the communication's network. As usual, he's looking grumpy as all get out.]

All right, folks -- we have a situation. Sometime in the middle of the night, it appears that we somehow regained a district. Yes, regained -- there's supposed to be another one between Mallowhallow and Whitewood, but it went kaput before you lot showed up. But now it's back, apparently. And guess who gets to explore the prodigal district?

[Offscreen, a female voice speaks up:]

You will hardly be alone, Tronctor.

[Tronctor rolls his eyes.]

Yeah, well, forgive me for not jumping for joy about working with you again, Orion. Bloody magic. . .anyway, just stay out the area until we can check it out, all right? We'll report back in a hour or so.

[He cuts the feed, leaving only static.]

9:45 A.M.
[The promised hour later, the feed returns, this time with both Tronctor and Orion visible.

A very freaked-out-looking Tronctor and Orion. The pair stare at the screen for a moment before Tronctor finally gets some words out.]

DON'T. GO. IN. THERE. All right? Do NOT go anywhere near that -- that fog-laden hell! It is NOT a good place!

[Orion chooses this moment to chime in.]

It is haunted by restless spirits, by shades of terrifying strength, by -- by -- I don't even know. That fog is UNNATURAL! Keep far away if you value your life and mind!

[Tronctor nods, running his fingers through his hair.]

Damn straight, Orion. So yeah, DO NOT GO POKING AROUND! We're gonna keep an eye on the place and see what we can do to get that -- that creepy stuff out of there! In the meantime, just -- don't think about it!

Oh geez, is this what happens to the places that lose all their lifeforce. . .

[The feed cuts out again here -- but if you want to visit Tronctor and Orion personally for more info, just go toward the edge of Mallowhallow and Whitewood. You'll find a sudden area filled with thick grey fog, and a technician and fairy looking not-too-happy to be there.]

((OOC: Wondering what's going on? Have a lovely explanatory post! As for this post, feel free to have your character only see one of the feeds, or go visit Tronctor and Orion as they try to figure out just what the hell is up with their new district.))
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Rrr. [All you see at first are a pair of paws against the camera as he tries to figure out what he's doing. Finally, he notices that it's on. He sticks his nose up to it, so there's a big wide angle shot of his face looking it over. He then pulls back and settles on his stomach.]

If this is youtube, send help. There are fairies everywhere and I think they wanna kill me. Or something.

They ran me right into a porcupine.

[He shifts his weight so they can see his flank which is covered in spines. Halp?]
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[ Why hello again, residents of Mallow Hallow. Don't be to concerned if you happen to hear your communicator make a noise like a teakettle boiling. It's nothing to worry about -- just a very spoiled, very angry girl who is very upset to be back. ]

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I thought I'd gotten out of here already but now I'm back again?! Is this part of some plan to drive me totally insane?

I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE! Didn't I make that clear enough last time?!
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[The screen lights up. Mituna is sitting on one of the benches in an Orlea park. He's cleaned up since his previous escapade, and now he seems to have something else on his mind.]

1M 50 FVK1NG 80R3D
WH47 C4N Y0U D0 4R0UND H3R3
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((OOC: Set not long after this nightmare -- the nature of which means that this post may have some triggery or at least unpleasant-to-read elements. You've been warned!))

[When the video feed clicks on, the first thing of note is that Victor Van Dort does not look like he's having a good day. He's paler than normal (which, if you know him, is quite the feat), his breathing is shaky, and his eyes are wide and haunted. He looks like someone who's just gone through hell -- which, in a way, he has. It's also worth nothing that he appears to be sitting in the hallway of the Hotel that dominates Astralfield, rather than his room. After a moment of staring at the camera, he swallows and tries to speak.]

Everyone, I have to -- to -- oh, I'm s-so sorry. . .I tried, I really did. . .

[But the inevitable’s happened, and now he has to warn people. He looks away, gathering himself before continuing.]

To everyone in Astralfield -- if you -- if you s-see a certain man today -- tall, brown hair, white-l-lensed glasses -- no eyes, j-just glasses -- sharp teeth, and a beard made of d-dripping black gunk -– DO NOT GO NEAR HIM. I don't care if he g-greets you kindly, I don't care if he makes any attempt at p-playing nice -- RUN in the other direction. He's -- h-he's from a n-nightmare I just had and -- and --

[Tears well up in his eyes, and he presses a hand to his face in an attempt to hold them back, slumping to the side as he does. He honestly looks like he just wants to fold over and spend the rest of the day curled up on the floor.]

He’s a monster and I unleashed him and now I d-don’t know what I’m going to do. . .I'm so sorry, everyone, I r-really, really -- ow!

[He abruptly jerks upright again, fear and sorrow briefly replaced with confusion.]

What on earth was --

[Victor stops, staring at something off-screen. Slowly, he reaches down and picks it up, bringing it into view. It’s –- a fork. A barbeque fork, to be precise. But one that’s a lot larger than your average barbeque fork -- and one that looks a lot more dangerous. The three tines taper to almost needle-fine points, and the left-most one seems to have an edge to it that extends down to the shaft. Curling vines are etched into the metal, and fluttering butterflies into the wooden handle -- though those are harder to see because of Victor's fingers being curled around it. Victor stares at it for a long while, turning it slowly. Then his face darkens, and he turns back at the screen. When he next speaks, his voice is lower, rougher -- and angry.]

Do excuse me, there’s been a change of plan. If you see that man, tell me where he is –-

[His fingers tighten on the fork.]

And I’ll take care of the bastard.
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 [Being shoved around wasn't particularly a welcoming thing for the girl. Especially when she was wearing heels and she had no balance to begin with, all she did was trip over her own feet..]

H-hey! Wait a minute!

[No matter what she tried, no one listened to her. And now she was forced to listen to the stupid crap that the "queen and king" were saying. And just like that she was pushed toward Crystalden. She didn't even have so much time as to check her phone she'd been given. Instead she was shoved along and then just as quickly as this all happened, they were gone.]

.... Great... I'm lost, My feet hurt from being shoved around like that, and I have no idea how I got here...

[Looking to her phone, she looked at these said "directions", only to find herself in some bar called the Blood Legacy. With no further direction, she walked into the establishment.]

Uhm... Hello? Is anyone here?

I'm looking for my sister, Kiryuu Moriko. I need to find her and then get back home. Mother had something important for us to do.

[OOC: Have I mentioned how crappy I am with intro posts?]

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[ Ichiru's chalkboard happened to be turned on for some reason and obviously neither twins were aware of their current recording.

After learning his lesson from the other day, Ichiru was somewhat peacefully sleeping on his bed. Unfortunately, his brother had the luxury of lugging his unconscious drunk self home. The room was dark enough for him not to want to wake up, but because of the other night, his mouth was dry, and his head was already feeling the pains of downing two bottles of alcohol. Somehow, Kaname got under his skin and this happened, a mistake he was not willing to risk a second time. ]

[As soon as he woke, the curtains were pulled wide open in one swift move, greeting the ex-drunkard with the stinging light of the midday sun.]

Get up.

[ But that was not him wanting to get up. It was a futile attempt to sleep off whatever pain was starting to spread across his forehead. The brightness of the room suddenly hurts his eyes, followed by a rather familiar voice that sounded a lot louder than it should be. He couldn't quite recall much from the night before. He doesn't really want to get up because of the headache, so ignoring his brother’s orders as always, he pulls the sheets over his face. ]


If you want me to treat you like an invalid, I’ll start by throwing you into the tub filled with ice. [He yanks the sheets off his little brother.]

Now what’s it going to be?

[ And then he lost the sheets. There’s a frown on his face as Zero said that. He sat up with a splitting pain through his skull. He cradles his forehead briefly before replying. ]

That won’t be necessary. I’d rather not catch a cold.

[ but the curtains, they need to be pulled back, and with that, he falls back on his pillow . ]

It’s still early, Zero.

[At that, a bucket of ice is thrown on the bed. ]

[ What are you doing?! At that action Ichiru sits right up from the cold seemingly ticked off by the bucket of ice being tossed on him. ]

Was that necessary?!

( ooc: Zero & Ichiru this is what happens when underaged idiots get drunk D| post drunk log! )
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[As opposed to the panicky male face of a couple of days ago, today Mallow Hallow is greeted with a visage of calm female grace. She bows slightly to those watching.]

The currents have calmed, and the winds ceased to blow. The balance has been restored to the land. Fear not where you tread no longer, for the world is once again at your beck and call.

[And then, from offscreen, a familiar cranky male voice:]

In English, that means the portal situation has been resolved.

[The visage becomes one of slightly annoyed female grace.]

I believe our esteemed travelers are intelligent enough to discern that on their own.

[Tronctor again:]

You haven't been around people in a while, have you?

[Orion shakes her head.]

Ignore him, fair residents. Make of your lives what you will once more. Your home is safe again.

((OOC: So yeah, official end to the PGW event. Your esteemed mod apologizes for it being late -- I caught a nasty cold over the weekend, and am only now getting back into a fit state for any sort of RPing.))
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[In the early morning hours of Mallow Hallow, the country is suddenly rocked by a massive explosion emanating from the very heart of Lochwell. A few minutes later, the communications platforms flicker to life, revealing a stressed – and frightened-looking? – Tronctor.]

All right, everyone, we have a potential emergency here. Please stay calm and listen closely. The portal generation mechanism has just suffered a massive thaumic overload, which has led to the stability matrix partially failing – and I think the wards against the openly hostile have broken entirely, so much for “magic is capable of wonders beyond creation." Also, the temporal recalibration conduit is flickering dangerously, and -- oh damn. My overload circuits have malfunctioned, and rather than the whole system shutting down, it’s going into overdrive!

[He flails his arms, looking ready to dissolve into pure technobabble at any moment, then forces himself to calm down.]

Right, right - bottom line, the portals that should just be opening in Lochwell to allow humans into the country are now opening everywhere. And they’re bringing in just about everything but humans! Or comparable species, given that I know some of you aren’t of the human persuasion. At any rate, be careful, and be alert! Just about ANYTHING can invade the country right now, in any district. I'll be working around the clock to fix the problem, but it's going to take some time. So if you can, stay indoors! . . .Though, actually, the portals can probably open indoors too – but they’re designed to open in empty areas, so it’s still a better idea than going out! Are we clear? Good. Orion, GET YOUR FAE ASS OVER HERE!

((OOC: So! Our portal system has gone crazy for a bit! What does this mean to your characters? Anything you want it to! Your muses can dodge pianos falling from the sky, find themselves having to run from or fight random monsters, or even be fortunate enough to pick up an item they thought they’d never see again. (And don’t limit yourself to items strictly from your character’s canonpoint if you don’t want. I’m planning on giving Victor something that’s technically from his future.) The portals are spitting out anything and everything, so be creative! Although, as Tronctor said, the portals invading the other districts can't spit out player characters -- they'll still be arriving in Lochwell. They'll just be arriving at a very crazy time.))
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[Well, Mallow Hallow, you have a new arrival. And boy, does she look upset. Some level of angry, along with confused and wary. It doesn't help that she has no idea why the hell she has a pillow phone. She's not sure if it's better or worse than the compass she used to have to use. A ridiculous phone is the least of her concerns right now though.]

So, what the hell is this? We're under new management again? [Even if something doesn't seem right about things this time. This place is a lot nicer looking than anywhere Kernos or COMPASS ever sent any of them. But it didn't mean that she was going to let her guard down.]

The meat wasn't enough? You got bored with that this quick? [Though to be honest, she was glad the meat was gone. She still wasn't going to be able to look at a steak for a while without feeling queasy, though.]

What is this place? And why the hell do I have a pillow phone? This is ridiculous.
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[There's a hiss of static, and then Victor's voice comes on mid-sigh -- clearly he's turned his communicator on by accident.]

I've really got to get out of this habit of having depressing birthdays. . .especially when there's no Alice around to cheer me up. Of course, I don't even know if it's really -- wait, why is the light --

[There's a distinct pause, and then Victor speaks again, now sounding a little embarrassed.]

Ah, e-excuse that everyone, I just --

Well, I may as well own up to it. It's apparently my birthday today. I don't know if I'm actually a year older, given that I seem to have skipped over a few months when I arrived here from home, but. . .for simplicity's sake we'll say it's my birthday. And yes, I am feeling slightly blue. Missing home. I'm -- I'm sure you all understand.

[Another, slightly-anxious pause.]

I do hope I haven't upset anyone. I --

I just miss her. A lot.
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[Well this is a lovely thing... Unlike most people brought here, Matthew doesn't put too much of a fight as he's being pushed around. He's a pretty quiet guy in the first place. Even if he did argue, would it make a difference? It's not likely that they'll listen to a thing he says.

Now after being handed his communication device -- which just happens to be some scroll of some sort.... -- he's ushered out of the castle. With nothing else to do, he decided it was best just to follow whatever these directions were and to wherever they led him.

Playing with his new device, he's accidentally turned it on. The weirdest thing is.... he's talking,... but you might not get it because in the place of his words, these weird emoticons keep popping up visible for some reason.]

(So I've been told that I'm in some weird place called, "Mallow Hallow", but just where in Weyard is Mallow Hallow?)

(To think that I just got back from my quest... I guess I just can't catch a break. We need to figure out what's going on with the Psynergy Vortexes.)

(What am I supposed to do now?)

[Care to help a lost 16 year old boy?]
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[The residents of the various districts of Mallowhallow are in for quite a sight today!

Up in the sky! It’s not a bird, nor a plane, it's Pinkie Pie!]

"Hi everypony! Are we all smiling today?"

[Say hello!]
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[A Lockwell bar. And a rather drunk pirate slumped in his(?) chair.]

A job...?  'm a pirate.  I ain't done an honest day's work in me life.  Do ya scurvy dogs.... do ya scurvy dogs think I'm gonna start now?

And this... this stupid country...  I ain't had the sea beneath me feet in far too long...  Who th' bloody hell makes a country with no seas around her...?

[A sigh, and he(?) tips back another drink.]

Never was good with figgurs.... had mates fer that.  

Bloody stupid country...


Mallow Hallow